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“At BBL, we specialize in acquiring office and industrial properties in targeted southwest markets, especially San Diego and Phoenix. We actively manage all of our properties to achieve optimum value creation for our investors, clients, and tenants.” “These investors, clients, and tenants know that they can count on us for cost-effective operations and responsible and well-maintained work environments. We also provide a high level of personal attention and care. In addition, we pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art accounting practices. In my position as controller, protecting financial records for investors, clients, and tenants is paramount. For that reason, our IT operations must work impeccably. It’s absolutely what everyone expects of us.” “We are experts in commercial real estate, but not experts in computer applications. We recognize how vital IT functions are, and how sophisticated they are becoming every day. That’s why we rely so heavily on Advantech’s technical knowledge and expertise. Mike Schmid and his team are proactive in their maintenance of our servers and network infrastructure. They catch and resolve glitches before they occur and so our systems are always up and running without any issues. Their vigilance is key to BBL’s state-of-the-art, secure systems. We also like Mike’s positive and friendly attitude. It’s a pleasure doing business with Advantech.”

Mike Murphy, Controller


“At Del Mar Heights Veterinary Hospital, we believe in treating out pet patients as diligently and compassionately as we would treat our own animals. We also believe that each case should be individually assessed and compatible treatment established to suit both our pet patients and our clients,” “Because we focus our attention on our clients and their pets, we don’t have the time or expertise to solve computer problems. We need our IT systems to run smoothly and accurately at all times. Because many of our clients communicate with us by e-mail or text, our digital equipment must be up and running consistently. Also, our clients often need to download special forms from our website; for example, a vacation authorization to take care of their pets while clients are traveling or a hospitalization form if their animals need surgery. All of these materials must be readily available for the convenience of our clients.” “Thanks to Mike Schmid and his excellent team at Advantech, our staff members and I can concentrate on what we do best and what our clients expect: the best veterinary care possible for their beloved pets. We know that despite cyber threats and other possible IT issues, Mike is protecting our clients’ records, our billing information, and other confidential data needed to run a successful business. Knowing for certain that our digital systems are safe and secure, gives us the confidence to treat the puppies, dogs, kittens, and cats entrusted to our care.”

Dr. Baer, Owner


“We started our business, Viele and Sons, in 1958. We got our start by selling restaurant supplies to family and friends who owned restaurants. We delivered orders from the back of our family station wagon and stored our restaurant supplies (canned tomatoes, flour, and other items) in our garage. “Over the years, we’ve worked hard to provide a great selection of quality products to restaurants all over Southern California. We carry over 8,000 products ranging from paper disposables to non-perishable food items, and willingly special order hard-to-find items for our customers’ convenience. “Just like our business has evolved over the years, so has the technology we use. Back in 1958, there were no computers. Now, we couldn’t live without our up-to-date IT system! Thank God for Mike Schmid and his Advantech team. Mike helped put us on the cutting edge of the foodservice business by showing us the right technology for our needs. We appreciate every single one of our customers, and we appreciate Advantech as well. We’re able to compete with the large foodservice distributors because our system is every bit as good as theirs and every bit as secure. "We’ve always competed against the big guys based on our exceptional customer service. Now, we provide great service, great products, and a secure business system that helps us run our business quickly and accurately. If there’s ever a glitch in our system, we can call Mike. He’s always available to help. What a relief that is!”

Deanna Viele, Marketing


Alta Environmental is a full-service consulting firm interacting with government and private industry clients. Because we focus on meeting state and federal environmental regulations, much of our work involves official documentation. We advise our clients on how to achieve governmental compliance, so we must be compliant in our own right,” explains President Lisa Kay. “That means we must safeguard our customers’ confidential data and serve as the gold standard in professionalism.” Lisa added that, “Our electronic files and records must be accessible when we need them but fully protected from cyber intrusions. We also must be up to date on our technology, including cloud storage of data. “Fortunately, Mike Schmid and his associates are experts on the latest IT requirements as well as any add-ons we may choose for our business. They know what we need, and advise us accordingly. They tell us our options – what we absolutely need and what might be discretionary. “At Alta, we provide strategic and cost-effective solutions – both short- and long-term − to our diverse mix of clients. We’re happy to say that Advantech does the same for us. Mike helps us plan ahead for our IT needs and then gives us a tiered list of available services. We are impressed not only with his tech-savvy abilities but also his customer-centric attitude. He and his team understand how vital customer service is, and they respect our need for accuracy and discretion. We excel at adhering to environmental regulations, and Advantech excels at cyber-security. We value this partnership!

Eric Wright, Controller


As a full-service veterinary hospital, our focus is on taking the best care of animals that we possibly can. We’ve been in San Clemente since 1957, so generations of customers rely on us for their pets’ emergency, diagnostics, surgeries, dental work, boarding, grooming, allergy help and holistic care. For IT needs, we rely on the quick, dependable services of Advantech IT Solutions, Inc. Mike Schmid and his team are the best at what they do, and their customer service is awesome! Advantech has devised an IT infrastructure that works great for maintaining our customers’ records and protecting all our data. Knowing that all our computerized files are secure gives us peace of mind. It frees us up to devote 100% of our time to helping animals and their owners. Because computer technology changes so fast, we can count on Advantech to update systems as they are needed. Mike and his team knows about all the latest software and hardware products, and gives us options on what is available. Advantech only gives us what we need – no upselling or high-pressure tactics – simply the highest level technical work with friendly, on-time service every time. What could be better?”

Dr. John Agostini, Owner

San Clemente Veterinary Hospital

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